There is no doubt that COVID-19 measures are creating a great deal of uncertainty right now, and along with uncertainty comes the thought that we should put our event careers on hold for better times or put off what we should be starting now.

I think most of us would agree that procrastination is the biggest obstacle to getting what we want in life, but do we really understand the costs? The reality in the event planning industry is this:

If you do not engineer your vision now, you are losing events and clients!

Meet Alexandra DeSouza from Passion With Purpose. She wants you to keep your event clients by creating a brand strategy. So today, we’re going to discuss vision engineering and why it’s important to have a team that understands the vision of your event company and what you want to accomplish.

Struggling With Client Retention

For seven years, Alexandra produced The Archangel Summit (4000 attendees) featuring authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, Gretchen Rubin and Danielle LaPorte; and entrepreneurs like Daymond John from Shark Tank.

In this video, Alexandra shares her process for building a brand and you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a strategy meeting
  • Why not being the ‘yes’ woman helps with client retention
  • How to align your team so they understand the entire event scope
  • What it takes to build client retention and events that last


Right now is absolutely the best time to improve your business processes and we’re sharing how to do it as quickly as possible!


The Boost Your Event Business program is open for enrollment! Alexandra is the perfect example of someone who’s using their expertise to make an enormous impact on her client’s events.

Boost Your Event Business is a certification program that’s designed to get fast results in your event business. You’ll learn how to set up, run and build your business, market and sell your services, about branding, and more. Get your business up and running in the next 60 days. Learn more here.

Now, Alexandra and I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, let us know about an experience you’ve had around client retention.

Thanks for sharing your insights and experience!


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