Master Class: The Sales System For Event Planners

Getting people to hire you is about the relationships you build. It's about helping people achieve their goals and solve their problems. 

It's about authenticity, integrity and being you. 

When it comes to sales, feeling uncomfortable is a common concern we hear from event planners because they don't want to feel 'pushy'. You'd rather help people than try to convince them to hire you, right? 

The good news -- This is possible! 

In this class learn to increase your event bookings by showing up to your sales calls/meetings with more confidence; feeling awesome that you have the capability to be authentically YOU! 


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This class is for you if...

  • You freeze up when it comes to talking about your event services and you're not quite sure what to say.
  • You feel like you should be getting better results from your efforts.
  • You're spinning your wheels when it comes to getting hired and you want more inquires and bookings. 

You deserve to get more bookings by never selling yourself again.  

Here's how this class will help.

Impressions Count

You want to make a great first impression—and feel confident. I'll help you with scripts so you know exactly what to say.

Speaking Naturally

It can be hard to find the balance between scripting everything and speaking conversationally. These tips will help.

Building Your Roladex

Most compelling conversations share a common connection. I'll show you how to connect authentically.

Creating Trust

Great event planners appear totally in tune with their clients—mostly thanks to a few simple tricks even the most introverted planners can adapt.

Handling Q&As

Don't let questions from prospects leave you speechless! Here's how to keep building your authority as an expert in your niche.

Following Up

This is crucial to getting hired and often overlooked. I'll share our SYSTEM so following up is easy and never forgotten.

Sales Not Marketing

You don't need pro-level marketing skills to sell well because sales and marketing are not the same thing. We'll show you why sales gets RESULTS.

Getting Feedback

To keep improving your relationships, you'll need to hear more than "You did great!" Here's how to get honest, helpful feedback and reviews.

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I began my event business in 2004 thinking I might actually have something to offer people.

On a warm day in July, I got a call from a prospective client who wanted to talk further about their event, but I felt paralyzed when it came time to share my rates and 'ask for the sale'.  

I knew I was worth more than my fear was telling me but I was scared to say the number outloud. It was in that moment that I realized I needed help with sales. I had no problem getting the meeting, but when it came time to close the sale and get the event booked I froze. 

I was too focused on me and my services and not focused enough on the client and their needs, and that was one of the biggest mistakes I was making when it came to sales. 

Most event planners wonder why people aren't saying yes and signing their contract, and how to fix it. 

You're not alone! 

You deserve more clients, more events and to build the business of YOUR dreams. We have a proven SYSTEM that shows you how to do this... 

So... are you in?