Business Advice for Event Planners That Even Richard Branson Follows

Do you often feel like the people around you step on your dreams or question why you want to follow a path to have your own event planning business? I understand because I’ve been there too and I know it can be tough to push back and stand up for your vision and your dreams.

It’s hard, but it’s worth it! Besides, who wants to live someone else’s life instead of their own?

I’ve found two strategies that continue to help me get past and even ignore the naysayers.

One is to write a gratitude journal each night writing down 3-5 things I’m thankful for from the day. They can be big or small, related to my business or personal life. You can read more about the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal here.

I also surround myself with other like-minded people and entrepreneurs – I especially like to meet those who have already succeeded at what I’m trying to do.

Why Do You Need A Support System?

Even Richard Branson, the iconic Virgin entrepreneur creates a strong support system around him and surrounds himself with business coaches and mentors who act as sounding boards — helping to guide his decisions. He also surrounds himself with reliable colleagues and co-workers who have similar goals, values and interests.

I want you to experience first-hand how well a support system works!

Mentoring That’s Available To You. Right Now!

In July you’ll have two opporunities to connect with me and your fellow event planners (or aspiring planners). One is f’ree and the other is a mere $99 — with a guarantee that you’ll make that amount back and more.

If there is an event planning topic you’ve been dying to read about, let our team know by commenting below and we’ll create a whole new line-up of posts just for you!

Have a fantastic summer!

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