Are you making the money you expected to make planning events? Would you like to increase your event planning revenue per event?

Today’s post is about boosting your event planning revenue with add-on services.

By the way, I’m not talking about increasing your fees for event services, but if you’ve gained experience and an impressive event portfolio, it may also be time to raise your rates.

Extra Services You Can Add for Event Planning Clients

What I’m talking about are extra event planning services you can offer your clients to help boost the bottom line for your business. Here are some add-ons your clients will appreciate.

  • Offer Extra Consultation Time: It’s a good idea to spell out how much consultation time is included in your basic event packages. If not, you’re setting yourself up for clients who text or call unnecessarily.

Offer additional time in hourly increments. Attorneys and other professionals who bill by the hour find this an effective strategy for not only increasing income but also managing client expectations.

  • Suggest Upgrades: Remember that strong vendor network I’m always encouraging you to build? One reason is that vendors you work with regularly offer discounts for your clients.

Create a basic schedule of products and services, then use special vendor discounts to offer upgrades for clients who want more.


  1. Use the discounts offered by your catering partner to suggest menu upgrades to customers, while still saving them money.
  2. Pass along your preferred customer discount from a florist by proposing a unique tablescape for the beverage table as well as the dessert table.

Your customers receive more and when you add your percentage to the upgrades you’ll also increase your event planning revenue.

  • Create a Premium Service Menu: Above and beyond your standard wedding and event planning services, you can create a premium service menu to increase your income.

What extras do your customers consistently request? Have clients mentioned how frustrating it is to negotiate fees with musicians? Would they love to have you review event vendor contracts?

Do they have no idea how to communicate what they want to the wedding photographer? What about finding affordable dance lessons for the wedding party?

Give them the benefit of your experience and feature premium event management services. Make things easier for your customers, and charge for the extra service.

  • Charge More for Planning Last Minute Occasions: We all know how much time and effort goes into planning the perfect event. But what if a client hosts a last minute occasion and needs your help?

If you have the time to spare, by all means plan the party, but do charge extra for the service. Decide on the premium you’ll charge for working against the clock and add it to your event quote.

  • Offer Event Marketing Services: Leverage the connections you’ve built with printers, media and advertising firms and graphic designers to create a menu of event marketing services for your customers.

Work with your customers to develop branding for their events.

Create one-of-a-kind invitations. Design flyers or commemorative programs.

When the public is invited, work with your client and the media to get the best possible advertising exposure. It’s just one more add-on service your customers will appreciate.

And don’t forget about social media! Set up an invitation-only Facebook page for the event, post teaser photos of the preparations and encourage guests to RSVP. Set up a Twitter identity for the event and build excitement by inviting the customer’s contacts to join in.

There are so many ways to use digital, print and social media marketing to promote your clients’ special events, and who better than their event planning specialist to offer them?

Decide if you’ll charge by the hour or by the service. Either way, you’re increasing your per-event income while helping make the event a success.

These are just a few of the ways to add value for your customers while also adding to your event management business income. The secret I want you to remember is, whatever would help your customers have an even better experience, be ready to offer it.

Join the conversation – what kind of extra services are you offering to boost your income? How can you leverage your vendor connections to provide add-on services for clients?

I’d love to hear your comments below.

Thank again for joining me each week, for commenting and for sharing my posts.

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