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Anyone Can Learn How to Run a Successful Event Planning Business

Could I really make it as an event planner?

Are you worried you may not have what it takes to be a success at event planning?

Let me share a secret – anyone can learn how to run a successful event planning business!

I’ve also helped hundreds of event planning professionals start their business and event planning career.

Here are some of the questions they’ve asked me and the answers that helped them get their start.

How To Start A Successful Event Planning Business

Question #1: What if I’ve Only Planned Events for Friends?

Answer: The skills you used to plan those special events for friends are the same ones you’ll use to organize events professionally. If you’ve created an event theme with food, decorations and entertainment, you’ve got the planning skills you need to organize events. Just be willing to learn how to optimize the skills you already have and you’ll be a success in no time!

Question #2: What if I Can Only Work Part-Time?

Answer: No worries! Plenty of event professionals start their businesses part-time. Start by using the time available to build your business. When requests for your services go beyond what you can do part-time, you can decide if you’re ready to make the leap to full-time.

Question #3: What if I Only Want to Plan One Kind of Event?

Answer: Excellent! You’ve realized that trying to plan all events for all people may not be your best path to success. Learn what you need to know to become the very best planner in your event category. Focus your time on becoming the ‘go-to’ planner in that niche. Work at getting to know the people or companies in that specific market. Knowing what you want to do from the beginning can accelerate your success.

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