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Event Planning Blueprint is the #1 Event Planning Product on Clickbank. You Keep 50% OF ALL SALES of our Clickbank approved programs.

Our affiliate program provides a great way for you to earn money on qualifying sales. Event Planning Blueprint is a complete set of proprietary tools and information in the event planning field. Click here to view a sales page.

This page contains everything you need to begin promoting Event Planning Blueprint programs. If you have any questions please contact us.

We have the HIGHEST payouts and conversions compared to ALL event planning products on Clickbank. We convert better than any other offer!

Why Promote Us?

Here are 4 good reasons to promote
Event Planning Blueprint:

You get higher commissions compared to all other similar products.

We have the HIGHEST conversion rates, amongst all other similar products.

We offer better value with constant updates and the programs are top quality trainings!

Extremely low refund rate. Our programs are well thought out and clear, well laid out and easy for anyone to use and understand, which means fewer customers are refunding – and you don’t lose your commissions to refunds.

Ready To Promote? Let’s Go!

Step #1 – Sign up with ClickBank

In order to promote EVENT PLANNING BLUEPRINT programs you’ll need to create a free account with ClickBank.

You can create your account here.

ClickBank keeps track of the sales you make and pays you directly for each sale you refer. When you set up your account with ClickBank you will create a ‘nickname’. Use your ClickBank ‘nickname’ to create your affiliate links (also known as a hoplink) in Step 2 below.

Step #2 – Get Your Affiliate Link

Grab your affiliate link below. ClickBank refers to these affiliate links as hoplinks and they will give you credit for anyone who clicks through the link to purchase…

Your Affiliate Link

(replace “NICKNAME” with your ClickBank nickname)

Step #3 – Start Promoting!

You are now ready to promote! Share your affiliate link anywhere online, on Facebook, Twitter, by email, or on your website or blog.

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