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Event Planning Blueprint
Hey There, It's Nice to Meet You!
I'm Melanie
World Traveler. Entrepreneur. Outdoor Enthusiast. Philanthropist.
Creator & Founder of Event Planning Blueprint
Small town girl (now living in the big city) with a passion for seeing people succeed, I'm honored to help thousands of event planners in our online event courses fulfill their dreams.

Through our blog and videos, top-notch courses and students from around the world, I help people like you get results, have more freedom and do what you're passionate about - planning events. 

In 2004, I started my event business and created Event Planning Blueprint in 2013, and I believe focusing on your unique set of strengths is what really sets you apart in today's Instagram world. 
Meet Your Event Mentors
I'm Sandra
Party Thrower. Business Strategist. World Traveler. Writer.
Business Development Mentor in Boost Your Event Business.

I’m passionate about guiding new and aspiring entrepreneurs in planning, launching, and communicating their event business successfully.
I'm Daniel
Sales Training Guru. Family Man. Big Laugh. Big Heart.
Sales Mentor in Boost Your Event Business.

I help event planners sell their services with integrity and leave people better than when they found them.
Success Stories
"Within 3 months of joining, I got 4 new event clients with contracts signed." - Eliza

“After just a few weeks, the course gave me the confidence to charge 25% more for my services and to know WHY I’m worth more.” - Jennifer

"After 8 weeks, I doubled by business." - Nicholas
"I had no events and no direction. Now, I have 3 concerts for 200-400 attendees, 3 large community events and a 2 day children’s festival in a few months. I gave my job notice yesterday! - Amanda
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