Even during a global pandemic, now is the time to get the clarity you need, along with the right skills and strategies to get the clients you want!

There are people who are planning events right now.

Yes, events have changed.

Yes, you have to think about event planning and your event business differently.

Now, more-than-ever, it's important to set up the right systems and separate yourself from the other event planners in your city.

That's why you're here.  

You know you're meant for more and now IS the time!

Maybe it's a mix of excitement and fear because you haven't figured out how to build the event business you dream of and turn that business into a profitable one.  

Maybe you're getting the inquiries but you're not sure how to turn that interest into a paid event...  

It's the right time to build your event business now. You're ready now!

No matter where you are today, fulfilling your event passion by building an event business you love will create amazing results for you, your family and your clients.

You have the opportunity to speak with ease and confidence about your event services and get better results than you are right now.

You deserve to make a great first impression.

You deserve to book more events (even in today's new climate).

Here's how...

Running a Profitable Event Business Can Change Your Life

I'm inviting you to work with me and my team of experts, so we can help you show prospects the value you offer, value that sets you apart from other event planners so they know exactly why to hire YOU!

I personally understand this. After 16 profitable years in business and thousands of lives changed, I can honestly say that building your own event business is one of the most rewarding experiences. And I believe that when more businesses are built - by people like you - the whole world is a better place.  

Which is why I'd love you to join us in Boost Your Event Business. We'll help you fast-track your growth, results and save you years (and money) from costly trial-and-error mistakes.  

This isn't a 6, 8 or 10 week course.

We'll help you build your event business, as the industry evolves, and we'll be there helping you the whole way!

Here's What You'll Get In Boost Your Event Business

Whether you want to turn your part-time business into full-time, take your existing business to new heights, or you're just getting started, Boost Your Event Business will help you. 

Here's What You'll Learn In Boost Your Event Business

Boost Your Event Business includes 3 complete courses. All course materials including growth exercises, videos and resources are found in our online member's portal. 

Course #1 - Event Training

Every impressive event planner starts with a strong foundation

Inside the How to Be an Event Planner course, you'll learn the fundamentals of being an event planner. We'll help you: 

  • Create a clear plan for all your events - including budgeting, event scheduling, pre- and post planning, and setting your event's objective. 
  • Work with vendors and venues so you feel confident in your skills - including site inspections, handling cultural sensitivities, and ordering the right food & beverage.
  • Plan profitable events so you never lose money, you show your value and you increase your income.  
  • No matter what your budget, you'll create a marketing plan that attracts the right kind of clients and allows for continued growth.

* This is a great refresher course for experienced planners

Course #2 - Business Training

Building an event business is not one-size fits all

In our business course, you'll develop a clear and concise communication strategy that is authentic to you and connects to your clients and prospects. We'll help you: 

  • Communicate your value powerfully and purposefully so it's specific to you, your business and your vision.
  • Identify the 5 key parts of your business and what to focus on first. 
  • Operate your business by setting the stage for great customer service. 
  • Write winning quotes - including how to create your quotes (because they are the building block to running a successful event business).  
  • Understand how much to charge for your services and determine of your events will (or won't) make money.

Course #3 - Sales & Marketing Training

Sales is the lifeblood of any profitable event business

In the sales and marketing course, you'll master our 'Offer to Serve' sales system to authentically inspire prospects to book you. We'll help you: 

  • Learn a proven and timeless sales system that increases your bookings.
  • Use a specific question to engage your prospect authentically, which is ultimately the reason why they'll hire you.
  • Create 3 packages so you stop confusing your prospects with too many choices.
  • Handle common client objections, like "let me think about it" or "I don't have enough money", so you know exactly how to respond so they book you.
  • Get fantastic testimonials. We've hand-selected 10 questions to ask your clients, so new prospects can see real success stories before they hire you (even if you're just getting started).

Course Bonuses

Bonus #1 - The Event Toolkit Bundle PRO ($250 Value)

These must-have event planning templates are for all stages of planning an event. The Event Toolkit Bundle PRO includes (professionally designed) easy-to-use event contracts; event, proposal, and sponsorship templates; plus guides to walk you through each step.

Bonus #2 - Access Our Global Community ($497 Value)

Get 24/7 access to our global community and resources where you'll receive advice in real time, make connections with other event planners and get the support you need throughout the program. 

Bonus #3 - SPECIAL Pay in Full Bonus: Social Media & Website Audit ($497 Value)

Having an online presence is important to your overall business and marketing strategy. In this one-time audit, our team will review one of your social media channels and one website using our top strategies for getting engagement, so you're getting more inquiries and setting up more meetings.

We'll create a report for you that you can use as a checklist to improve and increase your engagement and visibility.

Included - Certificate of Completion

Once you complete the course content, you'll receive a 'Certificate of Completion' that you can hand on your wall, add to your resume/CV and add to your LinkedIn profile under the achievements section.

Included - (Unlimited) Live, Weekly Q&A Calls ($3000 Value) 

Included in this program is access to our live, weekly Q&A calls. These calls are the perfect place to implement the course material, get immediate answers to your questions, learn from our experts and other students, and trouble shoot on the spot.

You can get started right now!

"I never imagined having someone walk me through every step of the way! When she said step-by-step, she meant it. I've completed online courses before and it usually feels extremely impersonal. However, Melanie broke the norm."  

Aliya Perry - USA

"I started my event business after 15 years in the industry, and I love the Boost Your Event Business program because it has everything I need in one place!"

Elaine Wellman - USA

Your Boost Your Event Business Instructors

Throughout the program, join fellow business owners who bring expertise in event management, sales, branding, business growth, business communications, tech, and more. Inside each module, you'll get their help in very specific areas of growing your event business. 

Melanie Woodward

Daniel Moskowitz

Sandra Kahale

Event Expert / Creator & Founder, Event Planning Blueprint

Sales Expert / Owner of Powerful Sales Solutions

Business Communications Expert / Owner of OnWord Consulting

“After changing careers, I decided to enrol in Boost Your Event Business and within 3 months of joining, I got 4 new event clients with contracts signed. You’ll definitely get your ROI.” 

Eliza Budiarto - USA

“After just a 8 weeks, the Boost Your Event Business course gave me the confidence to charge 25% more for my services and to know WHY I’m worth more.”

Jennifer Guerra - USA

Everything is online - learn at your own pace

The entire program is online so you can participate from home or work.

With lifetime access to the program, you can go through it as much and as fast as you'd like or slow things down and work on your own schedule.  

You'll be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with your fellow Boost Your Event Business members online. 

You're Protected With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Based on the results of past students, we know this program has the power to change your event business.  

We back it up with our risk-free guarantee.

Try the program for 30-days and if you feel we haven't delivered the value we promise, email our team your perfect client and value proposition exercises and we'll issue you a full refund.  

This gives you peace of mind. We stand strongly behind this program because we devote a lot of time, energy and care to the program and our students.  

If you don't plan to start the program right away, we'd still love to have you, so be sure this is the right program for you because our refund eligibility does have a firm deadline.  

Bonuses are available after the trial period. 

“I got my first paid clients because I got clear on my goals and now had a plan for achieving those goals.”

Brittany Johnson - USA

"My biggest break-through was when I was finally able to define my actual client and stop struggling to find or get clients.”

Monika Todd - UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Boost Your Event Business is transformational, but it isn’t right for everyone. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions so you can make the best decision for you.

Is This Program Right For Me?

Whether you want to turn your side hustle into a full-time event business, take your existing business to the next level, or you're just getting started, Boost Your Event Business help you:  

- Focus and prioritize your time - Creating a compelling event brand - Charge what you're worth - Define your business and vision - Increase your sales and profits - Handle client objections so you're getting hired - Get more done (faster) - Creating advocates for your business

When do I get access to the Boost Your Event Business program?

Once you invest in the program, you'll get access to the complete online program (all 3 courses) and have support and guidance from like-minded event planners. The bonuses are available after the 21-day trial period.  

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a one-time fee of $1997 (a payment plan is also available) for the Boost Your Event Business program. This price includes all the components listed above. It also gets you lifetime access to the course and our weekly Q&A calls, our member-only Facebook community and any other new content that may be added.

Is There A Refund Policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the course within 30-days, you can email us to request a full refund and send us your completed homework (the Perfect Client Exercise and the Value Proposition Exercise). After the 30-day Policy, there are no exceptions. Members who follow along with the program, go through all the materials and actively take part in their learning experience are delighted with the course, and are more successful..

How Long Do I Have To Complete the Program And Get Certified?

As long as you’d like. You get lifetime access to the content, so you can review and redo it anytime, from anywhere.  

If you have an upcoming wedding or vacation, no problem! Simply login from your computer wherever you are in the world or wait until you get home. You won’t miss a thing. We do, however, suggest you establish a consistent weekly schedule of 2-3 hours for watching the lesson videos and completing the materials.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about the coursework, or our technical support team for any system issues. 

"I learned a lot from the course. My networking is much better, I'm more self confident about my event services and how to refer to my perfect clients. So: thanks again!"  

Leonie Spiegel - Germany

“From just one of the social media strategies I got 5 new inquires and booked 2 new cients. In just 8 weeks, I doubled my event business!”

Nicholas Haten - USA

This is your time to build your event business.The market is growing rapidly.

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This is your time to build your event business.The market is growing rapidly.

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