Attract Event Clients Faster!
(Whether you're full- or part-time in your business, increase your rates by 10-25%)
You can attract clients. GROW your event business.
Growing your event business is about more than just registering a business name. It's about creating meaningful relationships with people interested in your event services.

Great services need great clients. That's why we're here.

Boost Your Business is open for registration until Tuesday night.
Building an event business doesn't
have to be slow or tough

(and you don't have to spend a lot of money either!)
You can be the best event planner in the world, but if you don't have HIGHLY ENGAGED prospects, then all your work is for nothing.

Maybe you dream of having clients that refer you to others. Maybe you want to have fewer clients who pay you more.

Maybe you want to make a difference for your clients and your family.
“After just a few weeks, the course gave me the confidence to charge 25% more for my services and to know WHY I’m worth more.” - Jennifer G.
“Within 3 months of joining BYB, I got 4 new event clients with contracts signed. Having a trainer and mentor that is an expert in the industry really, really helps. It’s a very good investment and you will get ROI.“ - Eliza B.
Does it feel like everyone else is getting hired, planning events?

It kind of feels frustrating, doesn't it?

The problem is...

It feels like you just don't know where to find your perfect client.

And that nobody (except the more established) event planners has any real opportunity anymore.

Is this you?

It doesn't have to be.

There is a better way.

Just like Amanda, Nina and Aliya... YOU can build and grow an event planning business.

You can get hired (and get paid more) through the right conversations with your clients.

 And YOU can learn to love selling, EVEN if you currently DREAD it. 
“Thank you SO much for all the material in your courses! Now I have 3 concerts for 200-400 attendees and 3 large community events, plus I am hosting a 2 day children’s festival. I gave my job notice yesterday!!!! Had to tell them I am too busy to punch a clock!  - Amanda C.
“I received so much useful information that I can use to plan my events. I don’t regret spending the money at all!“ - Nina K.
“Melanie has given me her absolute best. I never imagined having someone walk me through every step of the way! When she said step-by-step, she meant it. I’ve completed online courses before and it usually feels extremely impersonal. However, Melanie breaks the norm and takes the time to get to know YOU personally, and provides priceless information.” - Aliya P.
Hi, I'm Melanie Woodward
And I've cracked the code to attracting clients and growing your event business by 10-25%
For years I've been helping event planners build, grow and profit from their event businesses.

A large part of my success was because I discovered several techniques that make you the only choice for your prospects and clients.

And when my students started seeing results from these techniques, I knew I was on to something.

They're using timeless strategies like the Offer to Serve, the 12-Month Sales Blueprint and Weekly Scorecard...all of which have allowed me to create consistent income in my own business and work with:  
Hollywood Celebrities
Professional Athletes
International Brands
I've taught hundreds of our students to do the same!
“I loved the materials provided, the instruction and the community interaction. If you’re going to be successful then you have to take action and this program helped me do that by giving me structure and a roadmap.“ - Bennie H.
“I had a plan on where I wanted to take my business, but I didn’t know how to get there. This was was my guide and gave me the steps I needed to get the clients I wanted...I know I chose the right program!“ - Monica K.
“Melanie is an experienced and passionate professional and thanks to her simple and proven methods, I have been able to take my business to the next level!“ - Janet P.
What Will Attracting The Right Clients Mean For You?
Attracting the right clients means different things for different people.

For some it means being able to plan more events or bring home more monthly income.

Or, it means being able to work with celebrities or big brands or land that big, big event you've been dreaming about planning (for months or years!).

And sometimes it means being able to pay-it-forward in your community or raising a whole bunch of money for your favorite cause.

Whatever it means to you, I want you to know this...the more you focus on the right clients, the easier and faster it is to get hired and increase your rate.

So then the question becomes...
Can I do this too?

There's no better way to show you that you can achieve the same growth than
to show you people, just like you, attracting event clients
and increasing their rates.

"...I loved that we had accountability."
"The sales and marketing training, along with the Q&A was a highlight for me. I loved that we could share real-life experiences and had accountability..."
Marie-Christine M.
"...I charged 20% more!"
"Before joining, I was struggling to get my business up and running. Then, in the program, I discovered easy ways to sell my services that felt real and natural to me. I charge 20% more for my services and nobody has asked me why or to lower my prices since!"
Joey S.
"...my business is more profitable!"
“…my business is more profitable,
I spend more time with my family
and I am energized about the future
of my business.”
Julien  M.
If they did it, you can too...in any niche!
What is Event Planning Blueprint's
Boost Your Business Program?

Boost Your Business is an 8-week video training program that teaches you how to handle client objections
so you're getting hired sooner and faster, to increase your income 10-25%
and to create client advocates who refer you.
We have helped HUNDREDS of people grow their event business by attracting the right clients.

Each section has video tutorials ranging in time from 8-15 minutes long - as well as accompanying checklists and worksheets.

In addition to the course materials, we're including a Private Buyers-Only community, and 8 LIVE Implementation Calls to make sure you're on track to reach your goals.
With less than 3 hours a week, we take the guesswork out of building your business and attracting the right clients.

So...what's the secret? The program covers everything you need to know to grow and profit from an event business - fast.

Whether you're starting from scratch and want to get your first client...

Or, you have clients and want to confidently increase your rates by 10-25%.
What lessons are event planners excited about in the Boost Your Business program?
Week 1 - Perfect Client Exercise

How to find and ATTRACT your perfect clients
In this lesson, you'll learn:
The most important clients to your event business
How to use your competitor's clients to grow your business
Why not all clients are created equal and how the wrong ones can hurt your business
To get specific about who you want to work with so it's easier to find clients and charge more for your services
Week 2 - Solve Client Problems
Discover what problems you SOLVE for your clients
In this lesson, you'll learn:
How to be specific about what exactly you do, who you do it for and why this is crucial to your success as an event planner
How problem solving allows you to increase your rates 10-25%
Why narrowing your client's choice allows them to make a faster decision
How to convey what your clients actually get when hiring you
Week 3 - Find Clients
How to turn up the heat and GROW your client base
In this lesson, you'll learn:
4 Ways to line up clients this week
How to do effective research so you can make a connection - simply and quickly
How to create client engagement with just one word
4 'Referability Habits' that, if skipped, jeopardize opportunities and client relationships 
Week 4 - The Profit Plan

Tracking: What to track and how to track it so you're making a profit
In this lesson, you'll learn:
Why tracking is the #1 strategy to creating consistent income, and how to do it (simply)
Discover how to communicate your payment terms so clients are signing your contracts
To uncover common mistakes that most business owners make
Apply a simple template for writing winning event quotes and proposals
Week 5 - The Offer to Serve
How to create event services that SELL
In this lesson, you'll learn:
Create a personalized sales tool so you have clients that like, know and trust you enough to hire you
An exact step-by-step structure to selling your event services that doesn't feel pushy or sales-y
How to consistently uncover new opportunities in your business
To build a framework to help clients pay you more and refer you
Week 6 - Client Objections
Discover what problems you solve for your clients and why it's important to getting HIRED
In this lesson, you'll learn:
To anticipate and handle common client objections that are stopping you from getting hired
The 'Interview Approach' so you're in control of your client meetings and conversations
How to properly capture case studies and testimonials so you're attracting the right clients from the start 
The 'Micro YES Approach' that eliminates client objections before they happen
Week 7 - Timeless Marketing
Create a MARKETING plan that's clear and concise (this gets event contracts signed faster)
In this lesson, you'll learn:
To structure your marketing messaging so you're creating real value for your clients (that they’ll be thrilled to pay for!)
How to create a value statement so you're positioning your business properly and getting paid more for your services
Leverage your knowledge, skills and brand by creating services that generate income 
Create a branding strategy so you become the only choice
for your prospects

Week 8 - Social Media That Sells
Using the POWER of Social Media to get event clients
In this lesson, you'll learn:
Why posting on social media 1-2x/day doesn't work
How to create an irresistible offer that attracts your perfect client
  To establish your event business as an authority in your marketplace
How to use social media as your digital portfolio to showcase your knowledge and expertise 
Put these FAST action bonuses to use right now to
take your event business to the next level
Bonus 1 - The Toolkit Bundle
($147 Value)

The Event Toolkit - Get a proven system full of industry know-how and resources that helps you plan without confusion, overwhelm, or last-minute panic
Event Sponsorship Toolkit - Get our proven sponsorship guide and templates that have you going from sponsorship seeker to marketing partner
Bonus 2 - 5 Key Areas To Focus on First In Your Business
($97 Value)

Learn the 5 essential areas to start your business so you're starting strong
  Gain influence, expand your network and be seen as an EXPERT in your niche
Move forward with your business with time-saving worksheets
($800 Value)
 When you pay in full today, you're also getting...
Live 1-hour, 1-on-1 strategy call
Create a 1-3 month action plan
Implement customized strategies for your business growth
You have until Tuesday at
11:45pm EST to sign up for the
The Boost Your Business Course
200 Today
Payment Plan Option
  • 8 Weeks of Support from Melanie and Coaches ($5000 Value)
  • Full Access to the How to Be an Event Planner, Business Training and Sales & Marketing Courses ($2500 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Modules, Access Anywhere/Anytime
  • 14-Day 100% Guarantee
Just $200 Today
Pay $200 Today, Then $200 For 9 Months

  • 8 Weeks of Support from Melanie and Coaches ($5000 Value)
  • Full Access to the How to Be an Event Planner, Business Training and Sales & Marketing Courses ($2500 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Modules, Access Anywhere/Anytime
  • 14-Day 100% Guarantee
14-Day 100% Guarantee

Boost Your Business comes with a 14-day 100% money back guarantee. We pride ourselves on high quality programs that actually work.

Once you see the course content from the inside, if you don't think it's for you, we'll refund you straightaway.
We want you to feel secure in your decision to join our Boost Your Business community. 

It really matters to us that the Boost Your Business program feels like a great fit for you so we want to make sure you have all theinformation you need to make your decision to invest to be an easy "yes". Need to know more about the modules, content or if Boost Your Business is right for you, click here to see our frequently asked questions. Or, contact us at info@eventplanningblueprint.com 
Real Students. Real Results.
"Melanie has taken all the guesswork out of creating these practical, easy to use event training tools!" - Tanya K.
"It's definitely given my the tools to make me feel confident about taking the next steps." - Ruthina B.
"I would highly recommend this program due to its numerous examples and step-by-step instructions for event planners at any level." - Kristin B.
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