When you think about finding and working with an event mentor, do your thoughts sounds something like this…?

“But what if they say no?”

“I don’t know how to find someone to mentor me.”

“I don’t have any experience so they’re not going to be interested in me.”

Most of us have a hard time valuing our skills and experience, especially if it comes so naturally to us.

Find An Event Mentor That’s Right For You

In today’s episode, Jeremy O’Krafka from Mentor Network and I share 8 steps to find your perfect event mentor and how that person can influence your life and your event planning jobs.

You’ll discover what you should be looking for in a mentoring relationship and strategies to find a mentor. More importantly, we’ll give you the critical piece that most people don’t do, so go ahead and watch now!

Now, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Which one of these strategies will you use right away?

  1. What’s the importance of having a mentoring (0:31)
  2. What should I be looking for in a mentor (1:30)
  3. Where do I find a mentoring organization? (2:13)
  4. What is the process to finding a mentor? (3:50)
  5. Once you know what you’re looking in a mentor, how do you approach a possible mentor? (5:58)
  6. What should you do when you’ve found prospective mentors? (7:17)
  7. The critical piece that most people don’t do (11:08)
  8. Jeremy’s tips to get started looking for your perfect mentor (12:54)

It doesn’t matter what stage of your event planning career you’re in. If you have a clear vision for what you want to accomplish, there are people who will mentor you. Like Jeremy said, it’s like dating. It may take a few ‘dates,’ but eventually you’ll find someone who is the right match.

I’d love to hear from you.

How did you find your event mentor? Was it a good experience? As always, thanks for reading, watching and sharing these posts!


  1. Jay at10:06 pm

    Great post, love to absorb this kind of info. thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at11:11 pm

      glad you liked it!

  2. Yvonne Kenny at2:03 pm

    I need a mentor to help with pricing, converting likes on Facebook and Instagram into inquiries and then into confirmed sales.

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at2:59 pm

      Thanks for sharing Yvonne! We just covered these topics in Boost Your Event Business (learn more here: http://eventplanningblueprint.com/BYBlearnmore). Pricing your services isn’t as cut-and-dry as it should be since there are variables like location, niche, experience, etc that need to be considered, but this article is a good start: http://eventplanningblueprint.com/how-to-charge-for-event-planning-services/
      Definitely put your name on the list for Boost Your Event Business – the live course opens 2x/year – but we go into detail about marketing, social media, pricing, and sales in that course.

  3. Arie at8:47 pm

    I definitely need a mentor to help through the start up process, and trying to figure out what I should charge, and just having the confidence to secure the client

  4. Valerie at1:37 pm

    I need a mentor to help me with getting started and pricing

  5. Gloria Simpson at1:46 am

    I need a mentor want to get information about how to go about event planner

    1. Melanie at3:18 pm

      We hope the video helped you!


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