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8 Strategies To Find Your Event Mentor

When you think about finding and working with an event mentor, do your thoughts sounds something like this…?

“But what if they say no?”

“I don’t know how to find someone to mentor me.”

“I don’t have any experience so they’re not going to be interested in me.”

Most of us have a hard time valuing our skills and experience, especially if it comes so naturally to us.

Find An Event Mentor That’s Right For You

In today’s episode, Jeremy O’Krafka from Mentor Network and I share 8 steps to find your perfect event mentor and how that person can influence your life and your event planning jobs.

You’ll discover what you should be looking for in a mentoring relationship and strategies to find a mentor. More importantly, we’ll give you the critical piece that most people don’t do, so go ahead and watch now!

Get Paying Event Clients HERE'S HOW!


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