A few years ago I had an event client that, simply put, sucked all the energy out of me. He was argumentative, combative and always had to have things his way. Honestly, he was a real A-hole and I hated every minute of working with him and planning his event.

It was a (real) shock to work with someone who drained my energy because, up until that point, I trusted my gut and only worked with people I felt would be a good fit for me and my event business.

Fortunately, this event client taught me a valuable lesson…

It was time to identify the qualities I wanted in ALL of my event clients, not just some of them. I needed a process to vet my clients so they had specific attributes that inspired me and made me love my work.

When you’re running an event planning business it’s easy to want to be all things to all people, and to take every event client that knocks at your door, but not all clients are perfect for you.

If you’re interested in qualifying your event clients – no matter what stage of business you’re in – follow these 6 steps to qualifying your event clients that you can implement right now.

6 Steps To Qualifying Your Event Clients

  1. Who is it that you want to connect with? Imagine that they’re standing in front of you, what do they look like? How do they act? (here you can list words like fun, compassionate, entrepreneurial, always pays on time, silly, they love to travel, the want to collaborate with me, they refer me to others, etc)
  1. Who do you actually want to spend time with? What do they look like? Sound like? How do they speak?
  1. Now it’s time to write down the demographics of your perfect event client. How old (or young) are they, are they male or female, where do they live? What job do they have and what level of education do they have?
  1. Now focus on their hobbies and interests. What music do they listen to, what TV programs do they watch and what movies do they like? Who do they follow on Facebook and Twitter? What are their passions and what is important to them (in their life)?
  1. Focusing on their professional life, what are their biggest frustrations and challenges? Do they have too little time, or do they struggle to find the resources to help them achieve their goals?
  1. How can you offer the solutions to their problems? What is the trigger that’s going to make them realize that your business is the key to solving their situation?
Now I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, list the top 5 qualities your event clients must have.

As always, thank you so much for commenting and sharing. Your insights are appreciated.

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Happy qualifying!


P.S. Step #1 was my favorite part of this exercise and I keep all the words on a board in front of my desk as a constant reminder of the qualities I look for in all of my event clients.


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