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5 Tips to Increase Referrals and Keep Event Customers Coming Back

How can you, as an event planner, maximize referrals and get repeat event customers?

The long-term success of every business is depends on satisfying customers with exceptional service.

But it’s even more critical to a service-oriented business such as an event planner than, say, a company that sells DVD’s. If I walked into a DVD shop in search of a good movie, sure, I would love for the teenage cashier working for minimum wage to politely welcome me to the store, or even recommend a flick.

Event Customers

But if I walk out of there with an awesome movie and the price was right it’s not going to ruin my day if that employee barely even acknowledged my presence. I go to a DVD shop looking for a movie, not for attention. Chances are I’ll go back again if I like their movie selection and prices regardless of how helpful the employees were.

Conversely, if I were to hire a wedding planner that lacked customer service skills, my big day would be ruined and, instead of referring that wedding planner to friends, I would leave a negative review.

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