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5 Questions for Qualifying Event Planning Clients

As an growing and established event planning company, you might think that every lead that comes your way is a good one. That’s probably true most of the time. But, there are situations when a potential client is not a great fit for your company.

If you want to be sure that you and your client are a match, consider qualifying your event planning clients by conducting a fit assessment.

You will learn what your clients actually want and be better equipped to determine if you’re the best event planner to help them reach their goals.

5 Questions for Qualifying Event Planning Clients

1. What are your objectives?

This question might seem obvious, but a lot of clients are not clear on their event objectives or why they are having an event. All they know is that this is something they do every year or that the sales team said they wanted to have a meeting.

We understand that meeting planners can get very focused on executing the details, but understanding your client’s goals and objectives will help you design a meeting that meets their needs.

Different strategies are needed, depending on your client’s objective.

Are they looking to drive awareness of a new product launch?

If so, then you want to design a meeting that builds anticipation and excitement.

Or, your client needs you to plan a Board of Directors retreat with social activities and formal meetings.

The strategy here may be to find a resort that offers multiple activities combined with top-notch business facilities. Without building a strategy based on objectives, you cannot design a successful meeting for your client.

2. What is your budget?

We have all heard the expression “champagne taste on a beer budget.”

Many clients want the bells AND whistles at an event while their budget allows for the bells OR the whistles (not both). Understanding the client’s budget upfront allows you to plan a meeting that meets their expectations.

We recently worked with a client who wanted to have their annual meeting in Beverly Hills. The challenge was that he had the same budget as the previous year when the meeting was in Houston. To accommodate our client’s request and stay within the budget, we scheduled the meeting during a slow period at the hotel. The property needed the business and gave us a great room rate. We were able to accommodate our client’s request for a Beverly Hills meeting on a Houston budget.

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