5 Key Event Planning Tips To A Successful Event (video)

I started running my event planning business in 2004 and started working with celebrities, professional sports players and large international brands. I absolutely loved planning events.

What brought me to the point where we’re at now with Event Planning Blueprint is I put the tools that I used through my years of event planning experience into place so that I could help others plan their events so that you can turn your hobby into an event planning career like I did.

Experiences Created Outside of Event Planning

What I’m most passionate about professionally is bringing people together. I loved event planning. I loved bringing large groups, even small groups, of people together for a common cause.

I Want You To Live Your Dream

So what I’ve done here and the reason I’ve done this and created Event Planning Blueprint is because I want to help other people live their dream as well. Event planning is a very special, unique, multifaceted type of business. You have to know a lot of information. You have to know a lot of different aspects of various businesses. The things that I’m passionate about outside of event planning and helping others fulfill their dreams in the event planning industry are I love to travel. I have been to numerous countries around the world. I love to get off the beaten path, be adventurous. One of my absolute favorite places that I’ve ever been to is in Rwanda. I started a fundraiser called Art for Africa, which supports the education of girls in Rwanda, and we raise money through local artists to help fund that education program. And taking that passion and bringing it into my own day-to-day life and the things that I do when I’m home. One piece that I suggest to event planners, and this is something that I always used in my event planning experience, is think about the experience that you’re trying to create. What is it that people are going to remember when they come to your event? So at your next event focus on the five senses.

5 Key Event Planning Tips

What are your guests going to hear at your event? What are they going to see at your event? What are they going to smell? What are they going to taste? And what are they going to feel Try this technique at your next event and let me know how it works for you. What do you add to your events to make them special for your guests? I’d love to hear from you so please share your comments at www.eventplanningblueprint.com

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