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4 Successful Ways to Market Yourself as an Event Planner

You’ve got the creative flair and the practical skills needed for event planning, but do you know the best ways to market yourself as an event planner?

It’s not enough to simply do a great job and rely on word of mouth to do the rest, in order to gain that competitive advantage you need to know what marketing is about and what it is not about.

Marketing is not about getting people to remember you. It’s about letting your clients know you have what they need and getting them to take action and buy your event services.

Your priority is to get your clients to take action and buy.

So many event planners waste a lot of money trying to create a cute ‘marketing plan’ to get people to remember them, but you’ll have more success (faster) if you focus on meeting clients one-on-one.

It’s important to talk to your (prospective) clients to know what they’re thinking, to discover their needs and understand them.

Think of marketing like dating. You’re not going to go up to the first cute guy on the street and beg him to marry you, are you?

Treat marketing the same way.

First, have a conversation with a prospective client over a caramel macchiato or a glass of pinot noir.

Then, invite them to an event you’re planning or an educational seminar you’re hosting about event planning.

After that, offer to introduce them to previous clients you’ve worked with or references (give them value).

By doing this you’re building a relationship!

It’s key to give your client everything they need to know to make a decision. Unlike you, clients don’t see your service as the best so show them how your event services work and they’ll be more likely to make a decision to invest in your services.

Once you’ve built relationships with your clients, how do you stay in front of them without being too pushy?…

Market Yourself as an Event Planner

With these marketing tips in mind, here are 4 ways to promote your event coordinator services.

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  • Georgia says:

    You have to fully utilize all the online tools you have at your disposal because you can bet that your competitors are doing it. They are targeting local long tail keywords and focusing on reaching their local prospects. These aint the old days no more. You can’t afford to have that old fashion mentality that word of mouth will be enough. You have to be proactive and you have to become an SEO and social media manager.

    • Event Planning Blueprint says:

      Hi Georgia, thanks for your comments. It’s true, social media is important but I know many event planners who use word of mouth as their primary source for new business, and they’re busy! While I agree social media and some understanding of it is important – I disagree that you have to be in all places and do all things. Hiring a social media manager is far better time and money spent, if it’s not your skill set. Event planners are not SEO and social media managers and IMO it’s not time (or money) well spent to become one! Strategic outsourcing is key to building a profitable business.

  • Edward says:

    In learning more about mobile marketing, I can think of a lot of ways companies use mobile marketing. But if you work as an event planner and you are just getting started in mobile marketing, then you might be stuck trying to come up with mobile marketing ideas. The good news is that mobile marketing can be every bit as useful in the corporate marketplace as it is in the private consumer marketplace.

  • Jose says:

    I thought that I was an event planner until I was planning a wedding for a friend of mine and it was just over whelming. I have more respect and thankfulness for the actual event planners now that I have tried to do this and failed. I will keep trying b y learning things like this and maybe one day I can actually call myself that.

  • Roberto says:

    I agree with Edward about mobile marketing and becoming an event planner, that seems to be the way that people are getting their business off the ground and that is going to be the way to go with this type of business as well. You have done a great job here and the tips you gave here and in your other post are very helpful.

  • Sonya says:

    Hosting a business event like a happy hour or networking event is a great way to get in front of people and learn more about them at the same time. What employee doesn’t appreciate some leisure time during the work shift or even if the mixer has to be scheduled after work hours, most people enjoy the down time before going home.

  • Curtis says:

    I have been marketing myself in the old school way and that hasn’t been working very well because not very many people read the paper anymore they get their news and things from the internet so I am going to have to step up and learn to do this on line marketing. Thank you for the post you made here because this is very helpful.

    • Event Planning Blueprint says:

      Curtis, like I said above – the ‘old fashioned way’ (aka networking and referrals) are the best way to build a solid business. Internet marketing is important, but there are experts out there who you can hire who will save you time and money!

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