How do you attract attendees to your event?

4 Reasons People Attend Events

1. Food – When I attend an event there are two things I want to know: 1) Is there a dress code for the event and 2) What kind of food will be served? Make sure you list what refreshments will be available at your event. For example, will you have a full bar, appetizers, or seated dinner? I personally love good food and think food should be fun. In previous posts I’ve suggested espresso bars and food stations, but what about trail mix with M&M’s on each table, self-serve popcorn to snack on, or wine pairing for more formal affairs?

2. Fun – You want people to have a good time at your event and talk about it for days, if not weeks, to come. Create something that generates enthusiasm and participation and be sure to list any games, raffles, and prizes available so people are prepared. One of my favourite events that I planned was Culinary Olympics for RIM (Research in Motion. Maker of Blackberry) where we broke the team into 3 countries and they had to plan and prepare a 3-course meal that included finding their own recipes, budgeting and shopping for ingredients. It encouraged team building, team work, and a lot of laughter!

3. Recognition – Employers often use recognition events to show their appreciation to employees for their hard work, commitment and dedication to accomplishing the job-at-hand. Recognize your attendees for sales records, contributions or achievements, and have positive re-enforcement to create a sense of community. At an event I planned for Honda we gave each participant a Tiffany’s vase inscribed with their name and achievement. Find out what they have in common and offer them time to share and build relationships.

4. Eduction – Most people come to events for the social aspects but the added benefit of learning how to increase income, save time and money, or get up-to-date industry information adds value to your attendees and provides a unique opportunity to hear directly from industry experts. This adds punch to your event program.

Why do you attend events? Please share your comments in the box below!

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