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3 Tips To Improve Your Time Management

Admittedly, this last week has been quite stressful.

I helped a friend launch a new product that included an eight day event and unfortunately not everything went as planned.

You see, I like to have everything in place before it’s needed, but one of our vendors didn’t have the same sense of urgency so we were left waiting for him, and to be honest this didn’t make me very happy.

Aside from taking more than a few deep breathes and a ‘chill pill’, it got me thinking about time management.

We all have the same amount of time in a 24-hour day and with all the time management tips available, you’d think we’d be scheduling machines that don’t waste a nanosecond of our day.

So why do some people accomplish more than others?

For years I’ve worked with very successful entrepreneurs from around the world and I can assure you there are specific time management habits they have and do on a consistent basis.

Take our viewer, Sara, for example. Sarah is a scheduling machine.

She has a thriving event management business, three kids, a husband, a dog, and still manages to workout most days. Sara has learned to manage her time by scheduling everything because she recognizes the importance of being organized.

But creating a solid schedule isn’t the only thing you need to win the time management game.

On today’s EventPlanning BlueprintTV, learn 3 of my productivity tips to make sure you get things done – no matter how busy your schedule is.

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  • Time management is one key aspect in my life I need to improve. I have a lot to work on in this area and I need to change my attitude and perspective in this area. I m looking forward to the upcoming webinars to gain feed back and ideas on time management. Thanks Patrice!!!

  • Event Planning Blueprint says:

    use the 3 tips and you’ll definitely improve your TM skills, Patrice.

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