Do you struggle with perfectionism?

Are you such a perfectionist that everything must be done ‘right’ or not at all?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced thoughts of inadequacy and it’s stopped you from getting started on that new project, event or even your business.

It’s hard for an event manager to get over perfectionism when it’s in our nature to make sure everything is ‘just so’, and our clients are expecting their event to go off without a hitch. After all, we’ve built our event planning careers on perfectionism!

Be An Event Manager and Get Over Perfectionism

As Brene Brown explained to Oprah, “it’s really just a form of armor…If I look perfect, live perfect, work perfect, I can avoid or minimize criticism, blame and ridicule.”

Most people that suffer from perfectionism feel like they’re never enough, that the world is going to see them for who they really are and that they won’t measure up.

But what if the key to overcoming perfectionism was as simple as three easy steps?

If perfectionism is standing in the way of your success, today’s video on EventPlanning BlueprintTV is for you because I share 3 steps for an event manager to get over perfectionism.

Note: When it comes to your event management clients and event services, these tips do not apply and we recommend being an uber perfectionist!

Follow the 80/20 Principle or Pareto’s Law and consider this: 80% of your event results or fundraising or sponsorship dollars comes from 20% of your effort or the relationships you’ve built.

To find out where your best 20% is coming from, make a list of the tasks or people where you see the best results. Once you’ve established this, put more effort or energy into these tasks or relationships and watch your results sore. 

Have a deadline. As an event manager, you’re used to working with deadlines. But, did you know that setting a deadline is a great way to let things go and stop going over and over your work? 

Reflect on your ‘failures’. Like any event manager, you’re bound to make mistakes and if you have perfectionist tendencies, you’re probably pretty hard on yourself if something doesn’t go as planned or isn’t exactly right. But it’s what you do with those mistakes that count most. 

Use the opportunity to learn from these mistakes and improve your knowledge and skills for the future. If your perfectionist tendencies are out of control, tell your inner perfectionist to take a hike!

Now, I’d love to hear from you…

Do you suffer from perfectionism? How do you overcome it? Please comment below and let me know! As always, thank you for sharing this post, for your comments and for joining me each week.

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