3 Event Management Consultation Traps To Avoid

If you’re a successful event planner, you’ve probably already noticed that you can make more money during an event management consultation than many people make in a week. These event management consultations can certainly be the backbone of your event planning business.

I’ve done a lot of event management consultations and I’ve found there are 3 traps to avoid:

1. Free Event Management Estimate

When you’re talking about an event management consultation the words “free estimate” should never cross your lips! This is a definite trap and one that has put many event planners out of business because you get burned out running around giving free event planning ideas and advice. I never go to a client’s office unless they’ve agreed to pay my event management consultation fee. I roll that fee into their overall budget so it’s not an additional expense to them when they hire me.

2. Event Planning Budget

Don’t fall into the trap of stating what you think an event will cost before you do your homework and set up an event budget, even if your event-planning client asks. It’s your job to give a professional estimate and this is the perfect place to under promise and over deliver! But, you can say something like, “I planned an event recently that sounds similar to what you have in mind and the client paid approximately $100,000. But let me put together a more accurate event budget for you based on your needs and the information we’ve discussed today and get back to you.”

If a client really pushes for a ‘bottom line” then you can mention previous events you’ve planned or worked on.

It’s also acceptable to ask your client if they’re considering other event planners and what qualities they’d consider to be the best fit for them and their event.

Knowing this information will put you in a much better position when making your event planning recommendations.

3. My Team Will Do That

Most people have the impression that event planners show up on site with an entourage of staff and vendors to quickly whip up a fantastic event in no time at all. Event planning in the real world is definitely not that quick nor is it that seamless!

It’s common to recommend services like catering and room décor for an event. However, you don’t want to fall into the trap of paying for all these services and then hope that your client will pay you. One of the joys of running an event or event planning business (if you structure it right) is that you have no accounts receivables (people who owe you money) because you get paid in advance or at the time of service or you act as the liaison between your event client and the vendors.

What event management consultation traps have you found?

I hope you’ve found this list of 3 event management consultation traps to avoid helpful. I’d love to hear from you in the comment box below on whether you’ve run into any of these event traps or others that would help our event planning community. Plus, your comments let me know if I’m writing about topics you’re interested in.

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