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Event Planning Blueprint
New Event Planner? Developing a Team? Or Taking Your
Event Business to The Next Level? We Help You Build The Necessary Skills to Succeed.

"In only 4 months I quit my job!"

Thank you SO much for all the material in your course! I had no events and no direction. Now I have 3 concerts for 200-400 attendees and 3 large community events."
- Amanda C.
“After just a few weeks, the course gave me the confidence to charge 25% more for my wedding services and to know WHY I’m worth more.”
- Jennifer G.
"When she said step-by-step, she meant it."
- Aliya P.
“Our team is having a record April in our (almost) five years since launching the company."
- Addie G.
Internationally Recognized Event Courses
Event Academy

Get your event certificate and learn the fundamentals of event planning. Complete with checklists, calculators and video training taught by industry experts. This is the best course for independent planners or those who work for a company and are new to event planning.

Boost Your Event Business
Get all of our courses: Event Academy, Event Business Academy and Event Sales Academy, PLUS 6 weeks of Implementation calls to fast-track your success. Whether you're a beginners or an experienced business owner looking to grow, this is the best program to increase your income 10-25% and attract clients faster.
Hi, I'm Melanie Woodward
I help thousands of resourceful event planners (just like you) get started (pricing, marketing, getting hired) and build & grow an event business (sales processes, higher prices, value statements) without having to piece it together on your own or feel pushy.
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