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Hello, Event Planner
You're in the right place. I help thousands of resourceful women plan successful events, turn that event passion into a profession or start the event business of their dreams.
Are You Charging Properly For Your Events?
(You'll Also Join a Global Community of Smart, Savvy Event Planners)
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"I had no events and no direction. Four months after taking the How to Be an Event Planner course, I have 3 concerts, 2 large community events and a 2-day children's festival." - Amanda C.

“After just a few weeks, the Boost Your Event Business course gave me the confidence to charge 25% more for my services and to know WHY I’m worth more.” - Jennifer G.

"I really understand the value I offer my clients now and I confidently and clearly tell clients how I help them and their events. - Nicholas H.

"I love Mondays now! Having the clarity and direction I got from the course makes Mondays a completely different day." - Monika T.

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