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Winning Clients with the Perfect Event Planning Portfolio

Your event planning portfolio is a key tool in presenting and showcasing your talents and can take the form of a website, an album or even a scrapbook.

Event planning is exciting and we can make a big difference in the lives and businesses of our clients. By creating a winning event portfolio, you’ll be able to sell your services with confidence.

If you’re reluctant to sing your own praises, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of putting together your own event planning portfolio, keep reading…

Your Event Planning Portfolio

There’s nothing like facing a blank screen or sheet of paper to let those voices of doubt creep in, “I don’t have any talents.” ” Why would anyone hire me?”

In today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV, I share 3 items to include in your event portfolio that will set you apart – no matter how much experience you have.

Ready to Start Your Event Planning Career? Find Out How!


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