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Who Is Your Dream Event Planning Client?

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Aside from your team, your event planning clients are your best asset and the people that keep you in business.

Whether you subscribe to Zappos team philosophy to take care of your team first, customers second; or you believe that the customer is always right, it’s important to be clear about who your dream event planning client is.

The more you know about your ideal customer – or event planning client, the more focused and effective your marketing efforts are and the more success you’ll experience.

Joey Coleman, world-renowned customer retention expert and best known for “Turn Customers Into Fans In The First 100 Days,” explains how clients (in our case, event planning clients) don’t like uncertainty and how event planning clients are building their opinions of you – whether you realize it or not – within the first 100 days. He shares six steps or touch points to getting your client experience right (I’ve added my own comments to each).

  1. In Person – have you taken them out for coffee or lunch, shaken their hand?
  2. Mail – sending a thank you/we’re looking forward to working with you note goes a long way.
  3. Video – create a quick, personalized video after the event to say thank you and to showcase pictures from the event you planned for your event planning client.
  4. Phone – in this age of texting and Instant Messages, it’s important to pick up the phone and give your clients updates.
  5. Email – Sending regular updates via email is important, too.
  6. Presents – who doesn’t love surprise presents? These can come in the form of books, gift certificates, flowers, or something more personalized.

But, before you can retain clients, you need to know who your ideal event planning client is so you can find them. There’s not a business owner that I know who hasn’t struggled to find clients so follow this seven step process to find your dream client.

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