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Top 6 Event Planning Jobs In Corporate Organizations

Event planners have many different titles in the corporate world so finding the right event planning job title may not be easy to recognize when searching for event planning jobs.

Regardless of your focus, jobs in marketing and event management focus mostly on: seminars, conferences, trade shows and appreciation events.

But, some, less obvious event-related jobs exist in communications, training and with corporate foundations. The following provides an introduction that will help you weed through the job postings.

Find Event Planning Jobs

1. Office Support

Most administrative support positions throughout any organization have event planning responsibilities. These may include planning meetings, organizing client-specific meetings, and preparing travel arrangements. You may also work with catering or other hospitality vendors and track budgets.

With the focus on strong organizational skills, this is a great area to start your event-planning career and then transfer to another event planning role later. Popular job titles include:

  • Administrative Assistant or Senior Admin. Assistant
  • Executive Assistant

2. Education and Training

The learning department in many corporations is responsible for planning and executing a range of educational meetings and tools, including corporate training programs for new employees, employee development, and annual employee trainings especially for the sales department! The responsibilities for planning and executing such event planning programs have all the attractions that would appeal to any event planner. Popular job titles include:

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Training Manager, Specialist or Assistant

3. Meeting Management

If you want to work in corporate event planning, the meeting management department is an obvious route. Individuals in this area focus on the contracting of outside services, and managing the expenses for lodging, food & beverage, transportation, A/V, etc. Popular job titles include:

  • Meeting Planner or Assistant
  • Travel Coordinator

4. Marketing and Sales

Whether an organization is marketing focused or sales driven, often the marketing team of a business will coordinate company events like employee, client or sales meetings. For marketers, the focus is on return on investment (ROI) — how much value or money is received vs. the cost of the event.

Most organizations recognize the value of face-to-face activities, so there is an increased focus on client seminars, conferences, and appreciation events. Popular event marketing job titles include:

  • Marketing Specialist or Coordinator
  • Meeting and Event Manager
  • Product Specialist

5. Foundations

Possibly one of the most overlooked areas for event planning jobs is in corporate foundations. Getting an event planning position in this area may allow you to represent the business while working closely with non-profit organizations, or on community education, awareness and research programs. These are often coveted positions! Popular event planning job titles:

  • Program Manager
  • Foundation Specialist or Assistant

6. Communications

Although event planning may not be the primary focus, many activities that involve events are incorporated into the communications department. The positions are often responsible for ‘brand’ recognition through on-site events and promotions, business communications, internal communications, advertising, community relations, media relations, and event sponsorship. You’ll often see the communications team creating a presence at tradeshows, festivals, and media events.

Although event planning is not the primary focus, activities that involve events may include creating a presence for media events through sponsorship and marketing or employee meetings. Entry-level event planning job titles include:

  • Promotions Assistant
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Communications Specialist
  • Public Relations Specialist

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, share how you found your event planning job and any tips you have for others looking to break into the industry.

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