Planning Amazing Events
It’s true.
Imagine having a proven system full of industry secrets and resources that will help YOU (whether you’re planning events casually or professionally) NAIL every event you create without the confusion, overwhelm, and panic. 
Yes, it’s real.

I know what you’re thinking – pinch me, I’m dreaming.
Because Whether You’re Coordinating a
Birthday Party or a 1,000 Person Soirée,
Here’s The Truth:
Event planning can be super stressful. Am I right?
Instead of things going smoothly, most times...
You spend hours and hours down the internet rabbit hole, trying to find all the tricks to create a successful event, but instead, end up even more overwhelmed and frazzled than when you sat down. WHY CAN’T THERE BE A SIMPLE RESOURCE THAT JUST TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO IN AN EASY-TO-FOLLOW WAY? Ugh. 
You volunteer to organize events for your family and friends because you think oh, that’ll be fun! But it takes about 2 seconds for it to go from a fun thought to a suffocating nightmare as you realize you don’t even know how to get started. WHY IS THIS SO HARD ANYWAY? 
You get roped in at work to plan the company’s events because you’re great at your job and your boss relies on you. But event planning? You don’t even know where to begin. You don’t want to screw this up, disappoint your boss, or look like a failure. WHY CAN’T YOU FIGURE THIS OUT?
You want to plan a successful event (and pack it out), but when it comes down to budget, you don't have a clue. Which means you end up underestimating things in the beginning only to find out your over budget in the end. It's a complete nightmare and you DESPERATELY NEED A CHEAT SHEET FOR THIS STUFF! 
You think about all the moving pieces of a successful event, knowing that you’re responsible for all of it and you’re basically in panic mode. You need to figure out how to stay cool, calm, and collected so things go off without a hitch. (ALTERNATIVE PLAN: WINE. LOTS OF WINE.)
You’ve seen successful event planners who have it all together with their headset, clipboard, and winning smile. 

So you know it’s possible.

Either that or they’re a Stepford Wife.

I mean… not a hair out a place, not a wrinkle in their outfit, not a sweat bead to be seen….

Is this real life?

No one has it THAT together, right?
I Understand Because I Felt The Same Way
My First Year As An Event Planner.
Spoiler Alert: NOT ANYMORE.
The truth is, event planning can be a breeze. You just have to know what the pros know. 
Can you picture it?
You no longer have to spend hours reading things on the internet because you have all of the information you need to successfully plan an event. And it’s all in one place. Hallelujah! 
You make a killer first impression with potential clients because you are able to answer their questions confidently and accurately every time. Yeah, you know your shit.
You don’t worry about having what it takes to plan a successful event or feeling terrified that you’re going to ruin the event that you only have one chance at and die of embarrassment as a result. Hello, confidence!
You have all of the tools and methodologies you need to not only plan an event but to put it into action smoothly and easily. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta event planner.
What you don’t know, is that those seemingly perfect-looking event planners you see?
They have something you don’t (and it’s not robotic insides).
They have some of the best-kept industry secrets and resources on their side. And now, you can too.
Introducing The Event Toolkit
the one-stop, mega resource
that has all of the tools you
need to get started successfully 
planning events TODAY. 
The Event Toolkit isn’t just another internet resource full of fluff and nonsense. It’s the only resource you need to successfully plan any event. Whether you’re doing some freelance event planning or throwing parties for your job or family, the Event Toolkit has you covered. 
With this system, ANYONE can plan a killer event that becomes the highlight of the season.
The best part? You won’t have to wait for thick, heavy books to come in the mail as you lose another potential client or miss another important family event. Oops, there goes another one. With just a couple clicks, The Event Toolkit can be yours. 
I know what you’re thinking: will this really  
work for me?
Yes! The Event Planning Toolkit has worked for countless individuals just like you no matter if they were brand new to planning events, with no prior experience, or a professional with clients just looking for a better way.
“After planning events for a decade, I wanted to start my own event planning company. Three years later, we plan 45+ events a year. I found Event Planning Blueprint to be such a valuable resource. Everything that someone new may want to learn, they can learn from the tools and techniques that Event Planning Blueprint has put together.”
Addie Graham-Kramer
“The Event Toolkit has EXTREMELY helpful worksheets to make event planning easier - all the way from idea to completion. I highly recommend The Event Toolkit for anyone who wants his or her event to be absolutely unforgettable. ”
The Event Toolkit worked for them and I know
it will work for you. 
How am I so sure? 
Because these are the exact tools 
that worked for me when I ran my highly successful event planning company.

Hey there! I’m Melanie Woodward.

I spent years as a successful event planner and had the pleasure of planning events for all types of people (even celebrities- holla!), in all sorts of places, for countless occasions.

I’m not gonna lie, my business was HOT. My company was thriving and each event I planned became the talk of the town. From intimate gatherings to 30,000 people celebrations, I was the go-to planner for experiences that would be remembered. As my business grew, other event planners were constantly asking me for tips.

That’s When I Realized Anyone Planning Events,
Whether for Their Business or for Their Personal Life,
Needed Simple to Follow Instructions on How to do it All
and do It Well.
So I got to work and soon after, The Event Toolkit was born.
I decided to share this program with the world so no other woman would have to go effing insane while trying to coordinate all the moving pieces of planning a killer event. #yourewelcome
The Event Toolkit is for...
  • MOMS who want to plan their children’s big events.
  • EMPLOYEES in charge of office parties at work.
  • Individuals looking to FUNDRAISE or plan CHARITABLE events.
  • EVENT PLANNING PROS who want to WOW every client and build a thriving business.
Whether event planning is a hobby or your business,
the Event Toolkit has you covered. 
From birthdays to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, company parties to fundraisers, seminars and workshops (or anything else
you can dream up!) the Event Toolkit will help you knock your event out of the park. 
“Worth every penny! I encourage all event planners to invest in themselves and buy The Event Toolkit. You will not be disappointed."
Latricia Bradley
“The Event Toolkit, or the event planners bible as I like to call it, has so much information on everything you need to know to plan and throw an event.”
Brittany Lofton
Ready to WOW the pants off of your event attendees?
The Event Toolkit includes everything you need to
make it happen. 
The Event Toolkit Includes
The Event Checklist: 
This is the mack daddy of all to-do lists. This checklist helps you visualize your entire event starting with the end goal, and then work backward to execute it perfectly. This is the secret weapon of all master event planners. ($197 value)
The Event Budget:
This is not your mama’s budget!This template is very detailed (and super easy-to-use) that will let you know the bottom line. With this, you’ll always know the answer to money questions so you don’t end up in an over-budget nightmare. If your client (or husband!) asks, you know where every penny is going. (I’ve even included a currency exchange portion to make planning international events easy as pie.) ($197 value)
The Complete Event Toolkit System:
The step-by-step system professionals use to plan successful events with ease. Inside, you’ll find all of my tools, resources, and industry secrets that I’ve used to plan every event, no matter the size or the occasion - including a Sponsorship Toolkit. The Event Toolkit is something you’ll use over and over again to put together any event that comes your way. ($297 value)
Ready To Get This Party Started!
And For Those Blossoming Event Professionals Out
There, We’ve Got Some KILLER Bonuses For You.
(And Honestly, If You’re Not a Professional Event
Planner, You Might Want To Be After
Using The Event Toolkit!!) 
When you buy The Event Toolkit today,
you’ll also get these BONUSES! 
  • 39 Places to Market Your Events An easy to follow checklist that takes the guesswork out of where to advertise. You’re welcome! ($97 value)
  • Pricing Strategy for Event Planners A guide to teach you how to properly charge for your event services and what factors to consider before you even set your price or draw up that first quote. Cha-ching! ($97 value)
  • How to Get Sponsors The simple system you can use to get sponsors and build long-term relationships with them. This system gives you everything from introductory cover letters to proposal templates and tips on how to keep sponsors engaged throughout the entire event. BOOM! ($197 value)
That’s over $1000 of value for less than 100 bucks. 
100% Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product, you may return it for a complete refund within 90 days, no questions asked

I personally stand behind our products and strive to create only the best resources and tools for you to use.
Once You Discover All The Event Toolkit Has to Offer, 
You’ll Walk Away Knowing…
  • How to plan any event from beginning to end without any prior experience.
  • Industry tips and tools you need to make any event successful.
  • The secrets to making a professional budget, including a cheat sheet you can reference so you always know where the money is! 
  • The secrets to avoiding the worst time wasters that prevent you from getting started so you stay on top of your event planning game at all times!
  • Essential tips and tools you need to rock any event so you never have to face the embarrassment of a totally flopped event. 
the BONUSES will teach you how to CRUSH IT with
  • 39 places to market your events and/or your event planning services! 
  • The fool-proof process to confidently charge any client for your event planning services.
  • A complete system to find event sponsors for your events and how to build long-term relationships with them.
  • Juicy industry secrets you won’t learn anywhere else.
Are You Ready To Be The Best Event Planner You Know?
I Thought So. 
Q.   What events can I use The Event Toolkit to plan? 
A.   The Event Toolkit is great for planning fundraisers, company parties, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, seminars or workshops, incentive events, and more! We don’t recommend to use this system (at least not as the only resource) for weddings because there is a lot more involved than this system covers. 

Q.   Can I use this to plan events even if I’m not an event planner? I just want to plan amazing events for friends and family…
A.   Yes! You don’t have to be an event planner to make this system work. You can use it if you’ve never even planned a birthday party before, it really is that simple.

Q.   How much experience in the event planning industry do I need to be able to successfully put this into action?
A.   None! You could have just decided you wanted to be an event planner last week – this will work for you. If you do have experience planning events, The Event Toolkit will streamline your processes, help you get organized, and make sure that every event you plan is fun and profitable.

Q.   What’s your refund policy?
A.   If you’re unhappy with your purchase, we have a 90-day refund policy. You can request your refund through our payment processor, ClickBank.  Try it out for 90 days and if it doesn't work for you, pay nothing and you get to keep it! You have nothing to lose.
“Forbes and Huffington Post recently named event planning as one of the 5th most stressful jobs in the world. Event Planning Blueprint is working to take it down to the bottom of the list. Event Planning Blueprint is an awesome resource for anyone who wants to get into event planning.”
Will Curran
“I’ve transformed my tiny fundraisers into citywide events that attract sponsors, local media and hundreds of attendees. After all the money spent and time wasted researching online, nothing has come close to helping me like The Event Toolkit.”
Tanya Power
You don’t have to spend another minute
struggling with planning an event.
Grab The Event Toolkit NOW,
say “SEE YA!” to stress,
to planning killer events with EASE. 
Give Me The Event Toolkit Please...
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