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How To Start an Event Planning Career With No Experience

Before we get into today’s video on how to start an event planning career with no experience, I want to share a story with you. This took place when I was just getting started in event planning…

One time at an event I was attending, I met a woman who was tapped into the PR scene in the city where we both lived.

She had amazing connections and seemed to know everyone in town.

When she found out I was a “meeting planner” she mentioned that she’d been asked to promote an event and was curious about my services.

She invited me to have a drink with her to discuss the details and see if I’d be a good match for her clients.

After all, she wasn’t going to refer me if she wasn’t comfortable with me.

But, I didn’t have a business set up to promote (I was in the process but it wasn’t legit yet)

I said yes anyway. 😉

I was so nervous to meet her that I paced around my house for an hour and practiced saying (in$ert my fee here) into the mirror.

It seemed so ridiculous at the time.

But then I put mind over matter and focused on what I knew a lot about.

I showcased the events I’d worked on for other companies, for friends and family and at the end of our meeting I got up and left without knowing if I was going to get hired or even referred.

Then I decided to send a follow up email to thank her for meeting with me and to ask if she had any questions.

I didn’t hear back for 2 (very long!) days.

On the 3rd day I decided to follow up with her to see if she’d made a decision…


That was the most excited I’ve ever felt.

I was doing my happy dance around the house (think Elaine from Seinfeld ;-)) and screaming with joy.

Seriously 🙂

But what really got me excited was the fact that I was persistent without being too sales-y and coming across as desperate.

Nobody likes sales-y

Or desperate.

To this day, I always say, ‘Persistence Pays’.

This was what I needed all along.

Start Your Event Planning Career

How did I go from a newbie with no business knowledge to start an event planning career?

In today’s video on EventPlanning BlueprintTV, I share 3 strategies that you can use right now to start an event planning career with no experience.

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