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How To Choose A Name For Your Event Planning Business

Are you held back from starting your event business because you’re struggling with how to choose a name for your event planning business?

Tyesse, a long time community member at Event Planning Blueprint and a recent grad of our business training program, experienced this when naming her event business. Ultimately she decided on a name that was close to her heart and had meaning to her – Marigold Rose Events – named after her two grandmothers.

When I started my event business in 2004, it took me weeks to decide what to name my business because I couldn’t decide if I wanted something fun and catchy, something meaningful or if I should name the business after myself. In the end I decided on C!AO Event Management. Ciao (pronounced chow) is an informal Italian greeting that is used to say hello or good-bye.

The name of your event business helps you brand your event business, decide what your website will look like, what logo to choose and what to put on your business cards.

It can be tormenting to choose a name because of the pressure to pick the ‘right’ business name.

How To Choose A Name For Your Event Planning Business

Some experts believe names should be abstract and others believe they should be informative so it’s easy to understand what your business is about. If you’re struggling to name your event business, use these 8 steps to help you make a decision:

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  • I have been racking my brain over the last three weeks. It’s also very annoying when you finally come up with something and it’s not available. My event business will deliver fundraising events however, I don’t want a name which will bracket me incase I choose to expand in the future.

    • Event Planning Blueprint Event Planning Blueprint says:

      Totally get it, coming up with a name is stressful! Try out a few names, say them out loud, say them to other people and see what sticks. You can always change it if you don’t like it!

  • Genee Carr says:

    This is something that I struggled with for a while. My business partner and I ended up changing our company’s name twice before we chose the perfect one. We encountered the issue of choosing names that were already trademarked and ones that just were simply not captivating enough. The best advice I can give would be to not let this stop you from working on your business. Continue to be productive and the name will come to you. Also, before creating any social media pages, logos, or any other stationary make sure to check the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) website to make sure that your company name has not already been trademarked. Trust me, it’ll save you a lot of headaches. Be blessed!

    • Event Planning Blueprint Event Planning Blueprint says:

      Genee, that is great advice, thank you for sharing. It’s also good to point out that you can choose a name and then change it, and that nothing is set in stone, and that it shouldn’t stop you from moving forward.

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