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How To Choose A Speaker For Your Event

Is it time to choose a speaker for your event?

Ranging from motivational, to educational, to inspirational, there are a lot of benefits to hiring an event speaker.

A few years ago, I had a very demanding client who insisted on hiring a high profile speaker for their team building event, but ‘Mr. Hard-to-Handle’ had champagne tastes and a beer budget, and guess who had to break the news to him that:

A) his chosen speaker wasn’t available on the one and only date we were available and

B) even if he was available, we couldn’t afford to hire him.

If you’re guessing me, you’re right!

Then there was the time I had a 4-person speaker panel at a conference and one of the speakers pedaled his services from the stage instead of sticking to the outline and providing information and value to the audience.

I’ve learned a lot from hiring and working with event speakers.

How To Choose A Speaker For Your Event

When you choose a speaker for your event, in addition to vetting and hiring the speaker, it’s equally important to convey the proper message by giving the speaker(s) an outline and the event objective prior to the event.

By providing speaker guidelines, you’re politely telling the speaker the dos and don’ts of your event.

Hiring the right speaker, can take a lot of work off your plate, which gives you confidence and allows you to focus on other areas of the event and making sure it runs smoothly.

To make finding and hiring event speakers easier for your next event, consider these 6 guidelines that I’m sharing in today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV.

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  • I like how you mentioned that by giving the speaker some guidelines, you’re informing them of the dos and don’ts of the even in a polite manner. The school I work for is planning to hold a seminar for the students, and of course, we want it to be as formal and decorous as possible. Thanks for the tips. I’ll make sure to establish a guideline for the speaker to follow as soon as we hire one.

    • Event Planning Blueprint Event Planning Blueprint says:

      Most speakers appreciate that you give them a guidelines because it’s helpful for them too. Good luck with your event Tammie!

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