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Filling the Gaps in Your Event Planning Training

What Event Planning Training Do You Need to Succeed?

Are gaps in your event planning training keeping you from reaching your goals?

Are you afraid of failing?

The most successful event planners are the ones who regularly take stock of their skills and get the training they need to fill in the gaps.

Those training gaps fall into three categories.

Use the following sections to identify what you’re missing…

Don’t stop there – use these tips to also learn how to get the best training in the quickest possible way.

Business Management Training

Before you can become truly successful as an event planning professional, you need a solid foundation for your business. If you’re constantly tripped up by late payments, lack of cash flow or poorly written contracts it’s going to be very difficult to grow your business.

To fill this gap in your event planning training, find an event planning program that helps you keep track of your event business. As you learn to use a business management program, that training will reduce your stress and put your business on stable footing.

This kind of program doesn’t have to be complicated; after all, you’re busy planning and executing events. Pick the program that best fits your ability to keep it updated (with a little training.) Taking the time to learn basic business management skills is absolutely necessary if you want to grow the event planning business of your dreams.

Marketing Strategies Training

Here’s the place where so many event planning professionals fail to grow. Writing your business goals, putting a business management program in place and learning how to plan events are all necessary skills for the event planner. But if you don’t understand basic marketing strategies, how will you reach your customers?

Event Planning Training

Here are two simple ways to fill the gap in event marketing training:

  • Choose an event planning program that walks you through how the basics of successful marketing: how to find your first customers, how to ask for referrals, how to define your event niche, and so forth, or…
  • Identify a successful event management professional who will mentor you in basic events marketing.

Tip: belonging to an event planning industry organization will allow you to network with those who have mastered the skills you need.

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