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Event Safety – How to Organize a Safe Event

If you have never put an event safety guide together for your events then I strongly recommend that you work with somebody who has done one because they can be quite comprehensive and very detailed and very specific depending on the type of event you’re planning.

In many cases, you can create one and then use it for all of your events moving forward and then update it, but they can be very comprehensive and it depends on the scale of your event, so let’s get into a few things that you need to think about before you build a safety guide.

As an event organizer, you want to think about the scale of your event, what type of event you’re planning and also the scope of your event. Who will attend your event? Is it families, children, will there be elderly people there, or maybe disabled people? Do you need to be aware of things like wheelchairs?

Where is the location of your event, is there going to be anything standing in the way of people getting to that location or to the venue?

What about weather, and what is the duration of your event – what time of day will it take place, will there be anything that could prohibit people from getting to the event – any sort of safety issues that may come up because of the location or the duration or time of your event. For example, if it is taking place in winter and you’re in a location like where I live in Toronto, Canada, then you might run into things like snowstorms or ice storms so you need to plan ahead for that kind of scenario.

Event Safety – How to Organize a Safe Event

Those are a few things we talk about in today’s video that you need to be aware of before you start your safety guide. Watch Now!

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