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Drumming Up Business through Social Media and Other Outlets

4 Tips to Get Business Through Social Media

Whether you are just starting out as a party planner or you have been working at it for years, you will need to be consistent in your efforts to find new clients. While you will certainly get a good amount of referrals through word of mouth, they may not be enough to carry your revenue stream. You will need to do more to drum up business to ensure that there are no gaps in your schedule.

Social media and outlets like your website or your blog are great resources for creating more exposure for your party planning business and attracting new clients.

Here are a 4 tips to use so you drum up new business through your social media profiles and other outlets:

Create a Fun Space

Party planning is about having fun. Your potential clients are in a celebratory mood when they start looking for your services. They don’t want a lot of dry information about the quality of your services or your guarantees. While that information is important, it shouldn’t be the focus for your social networks.

Instead, you should be creating a fun space. That means sharing ideas for party planning, creating Pinterest boards with top themes or decor ideas, or showing off inspirational setups. People will love going to your profiles to get ideas. They’ll come back again and again, and they will soon start to learn more about your business in the process. You’ll lay the groundwork for what could become a successful business relationship.


  • Kasonta Daniels says:

    I am working on having my website dobe. Most people who are starting to contact want to see a website. Facebook is becoming an awesome tool. Learning a fan page is better to have than just working off my personal page.

  • SRC says:

    Have you ever tried Eventstagram (http://eventstagr.am/) for this? It´s a really cool programme that makes your social media marketing boom, all thanks to your guests uploading pictures to Instagram and Twitter with your hashtag.
    We took full advantage of our social media potential with this tool, and millions of people saw a picture of our event, since the guests were motivated to take pictures and post them to see themselves appear directly on a big screen we had at the venue. A must for any event planner nowadays!

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