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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Event Planner?

Remember the plate twirler at the circus?

The ones who pitched a plate high in the air and caught it on the end of a stick only to spin another plate on another stick while still spinning the first plate. He would do this over and over until he had sticks with spinning plates on his head, his feet and both hands.

That’s what event planners do. Get one task going and start another and another and another. We put all the pieces of an event together and are master multi-taskers and often think like this:

” I enjoy a challenge”

” I see the big picture”

“I’m good at multi-tasking”

“I love it when a plan comes together”

“I’m fast on my feet and can solve problems quickly”

“That reminds me, I need to order linens for the other event”

When we think of an event we think of the Academy Awards, Mardi Gras, the Super Bowl, or the Presidential Inauguration, but event planners also work on thousands of smaller events. Any time people gather together for a purpose – whether it is for a wedding, a conference, a festival, a formal dinner, or the grand opening of a new store – someone is needed to oversee all the details to ensure the event happens and that it is a success.

Is that someone you?

Be An Event Planner

Do you have what it takes to be an event planner? Can you juggle many things at once without missing the details? Do you have the vision to see the big picture and the personality to get other people to see it too? Are you results oriented but always cautious of the bottom line?

You don’t need a background in event planning to become an expert. If you have a knack for organizing and planning, you have the basic skills required to plan your own events (and get paid).

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