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Born to be an Event Planner?

I’ve always loved planning and remember planning events – whether birthday parties or holiday gatherings – from a very young age. Even now as a event planner I love to schedule events into my calendar months in advance.

As a teen, I helped plan graduation for +400 people, school dances, and bus “tours” to see concerts that were coming to town. It’s my unique ability to gather people together in one spot – both for big and small events.

Find The Perfect Balance

Finding the perfect job that balanced my love of planning, learning, and strategizing was always a high priority and, in the beginning, I had very little professional experience so I had to get creative.

Prior to staring my event planning business in 2004, I was an active vacation tour guide who biked and hiked around different countries showing tourists the sites, I led polar bear tours in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada (aka Polar Bear Capital) and I was a project manager for a specialty travel company. When I started my event planning business I didn’t have a real budget to start a business – or so I thought. But, I did have drive and passion and a few hundred dollars to get started. At that point, I wasn’t even sure how to start a business.

About a year later, I was working on nationally recognized events that drew upwards of 30,000 people from across the country!

Festival and corporate event planning seemed to speak to me so with no more information than:

  1. Knowing I was talented at seeing the vision and being able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.
  2. Realizing I could sell an idea to clients.
  3. Wanting to plan events for other people – and make money doing it!
  4. Believing I could use my marketing degree to market my event planning services.
  5. Trusting I could make money selling my knowledge and expertise to clients who didn’t have the skills and/or the time to plan their own events.

Were You Born To Plan Events?

Many event planners who have purchased Event Planning Blueprint have told me similar stories of knowing they were born to plan events.

Ever since I started my event planning business in 2004, I’ve been dedicated to helping others plan their events with ease and efficiency so you have the confidence and knowledge to plan your own events.

When did you start event planning?

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About Melanie Woodward:
Melanie Woodwardcreated Event Planning Blueprint based on her career as an event planning expert. With more than a decade of experience, she’s worked around the globe with companies such as Honda, CanWest Global Communications and HGTV. Woodward has managed events with over 30,000 attendees and planned events for everyone from celebrities to professional athletes.

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