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7 Online Event Planning Courses to Choose

Are you scared this will happen to you…?

You see someone that you’d love to work with, someone whose event you’d love to plan.

You strike up a conversation, but it’s ‘normal’ boring, small talk.

You want to change the tone of the conversation and tell them all about your event planning services and the skills you have so they hire you to plan their event.

Then you realize you don’t feel confident enough to talk about your event experience or skills. You’re not even sure your experience counts because you haven’t been paid to plan an event!

Here’s the big secret: Confidence comes from experience and learning.

Confidence doesn’t just happen. Clients don’t just fall into your lap. It takes an investment in yourself.

And if you ask hundreds of event planners what makes them successful, they’d tell you that they invest in themselves and they focus on their education.

They took time to learn about their clients, how to specialize and why it’s important to their success, how to properly prepare an event budget and understand accounting basics so they could stay on track, and how to price their event properly so they (actually) make money.

Online Event Planning Courses

If you’re anything like me, you don’t need to be convinced that education is a great investment to make in yourself. And, thanks to the Internet, you can learn how to be an event planner from the comfort of your home. But, when it comes to online event planning courses, how do you narrow your search so you choose the right one for you?

Watch today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV to find out…

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