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5 Sales Tips Every Event Planner Should Know

After starting my event planning business in 2004, I knew my Bachelor’s Degree hadn’t prepared me to run my own business.

What I needed was real-world experience.

Sales experience.

So for a year I juggled a full- and part-time job to get the experience I needed, to learn how to sell and to understand why people buy.

Focusing specifically on skills that I needed helped me understand the process of selling my event planning services, what questions to ask, what clients (typically) struggle with, and how I can provide value and ask for the sale.

To jump-start your event planning career, it’s important to learn the fundamentals of selling. Learning the ins and outs of sales is challenging, but manageable for anyone to learn.

In this post I’m sharing 5 sales tips every event planner should know; whether you enjoy sales or it scares you (and you’d rather hide under a rock than ask someone to hire you).

5 Sales Tips To Book More Clients

  1. Make a Difference – clients don’t care what you’re selling. They care about how your event services will help them. For example, if you say you’re an event planner, nobody cares. Sorry, they don’t. However, if you focus on the tangible benefits your services provide your clients, like how you’ll help them save on unnecessary costs from event vendors or how your expertise in social media will increase their ticket sales by 15% this year, they’re likely to get excited about that.
  2. Do your research – Before you speak to a client, get to know them by doing some research, then customize your call or meeting. This gets their attention and shows you pay attention to the details.
  3. Set the tone with a meeting agenda – to keep your meetings on track and to accomplish your meeting and sales goals, create an agenda for each meeting. Prior to the call or meeting, send the agenda to your client and ask them if there’s anything they’d like to change or add.
  4. Build relationships – often overlooked and one of the biggest mistakes event planners make is failing to build relationships with their clients. Remember, the first thing you’re selling is yourself!
  5. Become an expert – establishing yourself as a leader in your event niche, helps strengthen your conversations, sales and helps you attract new clients. Your clients want to be understood, so choose a niche you’re passionate about and can grow into.

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