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5 Expert Tips Revealed To Build A Successful Event Planning Business

Would you like to be able to charge top dollar for your events and have other event planners ask you “how do you do it?”

That’s exactly what you will learn from today’s guest on EventPlanning BlueprintTV.

Veteran event planning rock star, Ciara Glendon, started planning events for her fellow students through beer bashes and trips to Mexico, and now she’s come so far professionally that she has the ability to charge thousands of dollars per event!

Ciara didn’t make all her money overnight. There was a process of hard work involved; making the right connections, tenacity and giving back that helped her build a successful event planning business.

Building a Successful Event Planning Business

Today you’ll learn:

  1. How to leverage your experience through other expert event planners
  2. The importance of networking with industry professionals through live events, how to build sales, learn about pricing for profit, and create easy to use information systems so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  3. How to stay focused and motivated every day, even when it may be hard to get out of bed.
  4. Two easy moneymaking tips to build a successful event planning business.
  5. Why education is vital to your event planning business and how you can get involved today.

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  • Marwa Rida says:

    Really an amazing and interesting blog. As myself being a professional event planner, i loved your every tips and appreciate your passion for event management. It is sure to influence the newcomer. And I am going to follow your important tips too.

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