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10 Steps to Create a Productive Meeting Agenda

Imagine this…

You land a meeting with your dream event client and you’re really excited about it, but you’re worried because you don’t know how to prepare a productive meeting agenda that makes you look like a pro.

I ran into this when a client asked me to meet them to discuss an event proposal I had submitted. This client ran two large events per year and it was an amazing opportunity for me to get regular business and to expand my client base.

For this meeting, I knew my main objective was to get hired but I needed to prepare for this (very important) meeting because I knew they’d be asking me questions about my experience, how I could help them plan and manage their two events, and how to help them grow the (overall) event too.

I was worried because my website wasn’t ready and I didn’t feel like I was as polished as I needed to be to showcase my event skills and talents.

It’s easy but more stressful to go with the flow and cross your fingers hoping that it’ll all work out. And, preparing a step-by-step meeting agenda shows your clients that you’re a professional, it allows you to bring up important ideas so your clients see how you’ll help them with their event, and preparing with a meeting agenda helps you stay calm!

A meeting agenda is a plan that outlines what topics you’ll discuss (and in what order) during your meeting.

The goal of creating a meeting agenda is to keep you on track and inform your event clients of the topics that you’ll cover during your meeting.

It’s a good idea to send your client the agenda prior to the meeting so they can add items (and you can prepare) before you meet them.

Today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV is perfect if you have an important client meeting and you need a step-by-step system to prepare your meeting agenda. It’s the perfect checklist to plan any meeting agenda. 

(Beware: in this video, the Aussie sun was so bright it’s hard to see me and the Australian birds have A LOT to say about this topic too!)

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